Dissolvable Labels 55 mm x 29 mm

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  • 55 mm x 29 mm, 18 labels per pack
  • Once you are finished with the label -simply wash it away!
  • For those who like to reuse products, i.e. jars/bottles
  • For the homemaker who likes the personal touch
  • Avery Dissolvable Labels


Dissolvable Labels are part of our new home range!

We have a wide range from clever labels to organise, and identify. To decorating everyday objects, to give the personal touch.

Why do we love the product? These labels dissolve like magic! These soluble labels are ideal for labeling to identify your jars of jam, boxes and preserves whose contents change regularly


Label Size55 mm x 29 mm
Speacial FeaturesLabels dissovle in water
Printer TypeHandwriting