Book Rack - Basics 200 x 190 x 183 mm, red

Content6 Sets
Book Rack - Basics 1136RED
Book Rack - Basics 1136RED
  • Excellent value, everyday essentials
  • Keeps books, brochures, files and folders upright and tidy.
  • Modular system - features four sections to which additional racks can be added to the interlocking base.

Look around your desk. Is it cluttered? Piled high with papers? Pens all over the desk? You can make an untidy desk a thing of the past by choosing desk accessories from the Avery® Basic Range. There are a number of desk top items ranging from these book racks to desk tidies, all designed to help keep your desk tidy. You can choose one of four colours so all the office accessories match. An untidy desk can mean an untidy mind so why not clear your clutter today?

Dimensions200 x 190 x 183 mm
Content6 Sets
Made fromPolystyrene
Eco-friendlyPVC-free, Recyclable

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