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Whether you're drowning in paperwork or your stapler goes 'missing' regularly, we have some organising tips and tricks that should help you live a more organised life at work.

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Label up your boxes

Label your file boxes or filing cabinets

If you are archiving old paper work in boxes or simply filing into cabinet drawers, make sure they are clearly labelled so you and others know where to find in them.

Use Avery Blockout™ custom labels as these will completely cover any old labels, text or marks.

label file tabs

Label file tabs

Ensure that files within boxes and cabinets are also labelled clearly so you can easily access the paperwork you require.

Avery Mini Labels are ideal for this and L7656 are the perfect size for swing files.

bulldog clips on paperwork

Label bulldog clips for loose paperwork

When you have loose paper work that needs attending to but isn’t quite ready for filing, use labelled bulldog clips to keep it tidy and organised. The clips will ensure that odd pages don’t go missing and the label means you can easily identify the papers.

Avery Handwritable Small Labels are great for this.

label you ring binders and folders

Label ring binders and lever arch files

Avery Filing Labels are ideal for making your files look neat and tidy. Labels can be printed as and when you need them so it’s easy to keep your files up to date.

You can even add your company logo to give your files that professional finishing touch.

colour code documents with Avery small pack

Colour code documents with dots

Colour coding is an ideal way to make information stand out. For example, you could mark financial information in red, marketing documents in yellow and customer details in blue.

Small coloured dots from the Avery stickers and labels range make it easy to colour code your filing system.

label your things with Avery self-laminating labels

Label your possessions to stop them going missing

By labelling your items with Avery Durable Heavy Duty Labels you can make sure the things that get borrowed or misplaced are returned.

Make sure you use heavy duty labels, they’re dirt resistant and tear proof and will stand up to the wear and tear of office life and stationery-stealing colleagues.

Instead of simply writing your name, why not label your stationery with a message, such as “Please return me to Claire” or “I belong to Tracy and she misses me”. Who knows, maybe your message might even make your colleagues smile as they return your stationery.

Avery cable markers

Don’t let chords and cables cause chaos

Cords galore around your office? Tidy up the mess and make it easy to grab the cord you need quickly using Avery Cable Markers. They’re designed specifically to withstand the heat of electrical cords. If you’ve used address labels or gift tags to mark your cords, try this safer option.

You can print out sheets with common equipment types like “camera”, “docking station” and “monitor” and leave them on each colleague’s desk.

avery removable labels

Try removable labels

Sometimes you want a long lasting label, other times you know it will need to change soon.

You might want to label a file or folder with temporary notes on the status of a project or simply to create an organised short term storage space. This is where Avery Removable Labels come in handy. You can apply them and then remove them later. Use them on your project files and short term storage boxes. They’ll help you identify things for the period you need to and afterwards you can easily re-use your box or file. Re-using files, folders and boxes like this is a great money-saver!

Avery filing labels

Fuss Free Filing

Do you get frustrated trying to find the file you need on a shelf filled with identical-looking folders? Or are you just bored looking at dull and dreary folders? You can colour code your files and find what you need quickly and easily with Avery Lever Arch File Spine Labels. It’s easy to organise your files by project, client, date or other categories by designing a label for each.

You can create corporate labels with company logos or fun labels with bright colours, images or photos – whatever takes your fancy!

bulldogs on paperwork

Clear the Desk

Sometimes you want a long lasting label, other times you know it will need to change soon.

Has paperwork totally taken over your desktop? Here’s a quick way to do some damage control on those surface squatters. Sort your paperwork using clips with customised task labels, such as “file,” “need signature,” “mail,” or whatever action is needed. You can use Avery Small Heavy Duty Labels and Avery Design & Print Online to create fun labels. Once you’ve got your papers organised by task, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next without having to second guess.

Avery heavy duty labels

The Ideal ID Solution for IT

Keep track of all your IT equipment with Avery Silver Heavy Duty Labels.

They’re the perfect size for an ID code, difficult to remove, and are a discrete colour for IT equipment.

Some Avery products to help get your organised in the workplace:

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