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Avery offers customisable Quick & Clean business cards with smooth edges, suitable for inkjet or laser printers, which can be printed on both sides. These business cards are ideal for communicating additional information such as directions, brief information on the products or services offered, home address or company slogan.

All card products that can be printed on both sides, e.g. article number C32016-10, from Avery are marked with a corresponding note. All other card products cannot be printed on both sides.

Most Avery business cards are made of 10 cards per page, with each card coming into contact with the adjacent cards. The full-surface printing of the card is therefore very difficult.

However, Avery also produces business cards for users who prefer to print a complete graphic on their business cards. These cards are made at 8 per side, whereby the cards do not come into contact with adjacent cards. This makes it possible to print over the edge to ensure full-area printing. This includes, for example, the item number C32015-25.

Articles that have been specially developed for use on laser printers are given a special coating that is suitable for high temperatures. An inkjet printer does not develop the temperatures of a laser printer, which can lead to the inkjet colours not being recorded correctly. The print result can therefore not correspond to the desired quality.

We therefore recommend always printing on articles with the appropriate printer for which they are advertised, in order to avoid loss of quality. If a product is suitable for all four types of printing, the choice of printer is entirely up to you.