Get ready for your summer holiday

Label your holiday toiletries

Are you travelling abroad this summer season? In order to keep within your baggage allowance most holiday makers decant their toiletries into smaller bottles.

However, sometimes this can cause an issue of not knowing which bottle is which, so don't forget to create your personalised labels and stickers.

self-laminating labels are perfect for travel bottles
summer holidays suitcase

Easy-to-apply tolietries labels

We have a simple solution for you that only takes a few minutes to prepare.

Avery Self-Laminating Labels are perfect for naming your toiletries as they are handwritable, so all you need to do is write, seal and stick.

These labels are also waterproof which means you can take them in the shower, by the pool or even to the beach!

Add these labels to your holiday shopping list now.

Avery Self-Laminating Labels

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