Pick and package your own fruits this summer

Design labels that will wow your friends

Have you been strawberry picking this summer? It’s such a fun thing to do and certainly something that will keep the children entertained for a few hours.

Whilst freshly picked fruit is absolutely delicious sometimes you end up picking more than you actually need. That’s when making your own jam can come in handy for using leftover fruit. 

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Idea Pick Your Own 1

You can find lots of recipes for jam online. We had a quick search on BBC Food and it came up with some great recipes for you to try.

Once you have made the jam how do you ensure it’s well-presented so you can share it with friends and family.

Why not try our Create Your Own Jar Labels?

Idea Pick Your Own 2

Here’s five ways you can adapt them for yours using Avery Design & Print online:

1. Create a fun or memorable name that will make people smile and think of you.

2. Add an image to your design. You could take a picture of you strawberry picking to show where the fruit came from or use one of our images in the online gallery.

3. Add a best before date into the design and any storage recommendations.

4. Add a personal message for the recipient. You can edit each label on the sheet separately if you want or print a sheet which are all the same.

5. If you have picked other fruits it’s easy to save the design and just make a few simple edits into the software to change the label for each product. 

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