Eight ideas for teacher gifts that won’t break the bank

Say thank you in your own special way

Can you believe another school year has passed? The time just flies by and over the next few weeks it will all be about school reports, new teachers and emotional goodbyes. There’s always a lot of discussion now about what to get as a thank you gift for your child’s class teacher. There can often be ‘politics’ involved including how much to spend, what to buy and whether you should buy for the teaching assistants. If you do end up buying for everyone it can work out expensive.

To help take away some of the pain we’ve put together eight ideas which you may like to try that won’t break the bank and don't forgot to order some custom labels and stickers to go with your gifts.

Say thank you to your special teacher with Avery
Create personalised tags for your teacher thank you gifts

1. If you know the other parents well why not suggest that you club together and buy a more expensive gift. If your child’s teacher has their own kids this could be something like a voucher for a family restaurant or a pamper voucher for some ‘me-time’. If it’s a sporty teacher how about an experience such as a golf or a racing day.

2. From our teacher friends, we know that many of them would enjoy a bottle of wine to celebrate the end of a long school year. You could personalise this bottle with a special message from your child using Avery Bottle Labels and the Design & Print Software.

3. A nice box of chocolates or biscuits for all the teaching staff to share can often go down well. It’s never a bad thing to have too many biscuits in the staff room. Create a special message using an Avery Product tag so they know the gift is a thank you from your child.


Teacher thank you cards

4. You could work together with other parents to create a scrapbook of images, artwork and writing from all the children. Encourage each child and parent to work on this together at home and one parent can bring it all together in a scrapbook. It’s something your teacher can reflect back on but doesn’t take up too much space. It will show him or her just how much he or she is valued.

5. You could make a gift at home using the Avery Fabric Transfers. Why not encourage your child to draw or write something, which using the Design & Print software can then be ironed on to a plain tea towel or tote-bag?


Avery thank you stickers for teachers

6. Teachers spend so much of the school year giving out stickers why not make some Teacher Reward Stickers using our Round Labels and help your child use our software to personalise them with their own messages.   

                                                                                                                                                                      7.Use the class photo and have it printed on to a special keepsake box. You can easily upload photos to our software and then print onto a wide range of labels and cards.  Another idea is simply to ask your child to describe how they feel about their teacher and include that.

8. How about asking your child to write a heartfelt card about their time in the class? These days teachers are under a huge amount of pressure and sometimes just knowing they have made a difference and are appreciated can mean a lot.

If you have an idea we’d love to hear from you. Let us know via Facebook or on Twitter.


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