Design your own labels

Use our label software to create your designs

Creating custom labels or stickers to have a positive impact doesn’t require specific design skills as you can freely use our Design & Print template software. This allows you to either start with a blank template and follow our principles for successful labels or select one of the existing templates and personalise it with your own text and images.

Below we’ve shown how one of the most successful labels from our research could be updated for your own business. In the study, respondents were twice as likely to say they loved the parcel and the perception of quality increased by over five times.

Avery Round Labels
attract attention to your label with colourful backgrounds

Attract attention

The strong, striped background is a great way of getting labels noticed. The bold lines, borders and stripes mean that this label could be viewed 42% more than any neighbouring plain labels.

You could use this template background for your own label or select another strong background for your design and click “set as background” in the tool bar.

use a handwritten font on your labels

Handwritten font

In our research, handwritten style fonts were more successful on labels. The fonts used in this design are Segoe Print and Sue Ellen Francisco. You will find these in our label software.

You can change the font on your labels by highlighting your chosen text and selecting a font from the dropdown menu in the toolbar.

add an image so your label stands out

Make it visual

People process visual stimuli quicker than words so combining a bright colour with an image helps focus on the product more easily. If you are using this template you could replace the image with one of your own.  

We have a demo video that shows how you can add your own images in Design & Print.  

add a special message to your labels

Special message

There is a sudden spike in brain activity when we encounter something which needs to be ‘worked out’.

Using the text editor in Design & Print you can add a message like “Just for you” or “What’s inside?” to increase your response rates.

show some emotion on your labels to show customers your care

Show emotion

Humans are hardwired to notice emotion and the use of an emotive word like “joy” is a simple, but effective way to bring feeling into your design.

You can also add emotion into your labels with words like ‘pride’ or ‘lovely’ or select an emotive image such as a heart or happy face.

use mail merge to add addresses to your labels in the same format

Be rational

Important information needs to appeal to the rational part of the brain so having clear and simple text on the address label works well. On all our address templates it’s easy for you to edit addresses with your own mailing lists.

You can also complete mail merges in minutes by following this step-by-step guide

make sure to add your company logo to your labels

Clear branding

These labels make it very clear who the item is from or made by as it includes a company name and logo.

You can add images and logos to your labels easily using Avery Design & Print online. Watch our demo video to see how.

it's in our nature to react to things like food so use these where possible on your labels

Play to the primal

You can grab attention with primal stimuli such as food, emotion, animals and faces. The cake element on the label will light up the primal part of the brain.

If you don’t want to use this image you can replace it with another image from our Design & Print gallery or upload your own image.

every label tells a story