Fabric Transfer Paper

Personalize your t-shirts, bags and accessories with our fabric transfers

Look no further for an inexpensive way to personalise your next occasion. Let your creativity be free with our textile transfer paper! Purchase by the sheet or pack.

    Ideal for birthdays, stag and hen parties or just fun with the kids... the textile transfer adapts to all!

    • Easy to create with our free software
    • Easy to apply
    • Resistant to several washes (40°C)

    Buy by the Pack

    Fabric Transfers HTT01 Content: 8 Films / 8 Sheet
    8 Films / 8 Sheet
    Fabric Transfers MD1003
    4 Films / 4 Sheet
    Avery MD1044 Laser textile transfer paper
    15 Sheets
    Fabric Transfers, MD1001 MD1001
    5 Films / 5 Sheet

    Creative Ideas for Fabric Transfers

    Family Tree Cushion designed in Avery Design & Print
    Discover how Avery Fabric Transfers can be used to make personalised presents such as this Family Tree cushion.
    Use Avery Fabric Transfers to customise t-shirts
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