Data Storage Labels

Personalise CDs and DVDs

The Avery Data Storage range offers perfect products for labelling all types of data media. Whether in the office or at home, we have customisable labels and stickers for data, photos or music. There’s a range of diskette, video, slide labels and CD & DVD labels, to choose from. Ideal for labelling company CDs or simply for sharing photos for friends and family.

Why not also try our inserts for all popular sizes of CD and DVD cases, ensuring an attractive, professional looking cover?

hero_labels_data storage labels
hero_labels_data storage_cd labels_

More space for your design, graphics and text

hero_labels_data storage labels_dvd labels_apr17

Designed specifically for use with DVDs

hero_labels_data storage_cd cases_

Print your own CD case covers and inserts

hero_labels_data storage_dvd inserts_apr17

Create professional covers to match your DVDs

hero_labels_data storage_diskette labels_

Labels for a variety of non-digital media products