Custom Roll Labels
Design Your Own Roll Labels: High-Quality Custom Stickers

What are roll labels?

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Roll labels are just labels but rather than supplied on the flat sheets like you may expect, they come wound up on a roll, meaning you get a lot of labels which can be stored very easily.

We take a roll big enough to house the size of label selected. We then unwind the label as it goes through the printing process and re-wind up the roll at the other end so you receive a nice neat and tidy roll.

Like any label, we recommend using as higher resolution image as you can to ensure the best quality. 

  • The winding direction of our roll-printed labels is¬†left-front, with an outside wind.¬†
  • Many materials, shapes and finishes available
  • Professional digital printing
  • Fast and efficient labelling of your products
  • Easy and fast customization on our free online software¬†

What can you use them for?

You can use labels on a roll in the same way you would any sort of labels, whether they are single cut stickers or on a sheet. You can peel and stick them by hand or even use the roll as part of an automated label application process!

Personalise your self-adhesive labels and order them in rolls

Looking for printed labels on rolls? You are in the right place! At Avery, we offer our labels and stickers on rolls now too! Easily create your personalised design on our free software.

Get professional quality labels with our printing service. You will be able to create your custom self-adhesive label to match your personality and brand thanks to our wide range of materials, shapes and sizes. We ensure delivery in 10 to 12 working days. 

Why buy roll labels? This technique allows manual or automatic machine application - giving you options. Whether you are a business with a need for quick labelling or an individual for whom the manual application is sufficient, self-adhesive labels on rolls will be ideal. 

Wondering what kind of design or colour you can print on roll labels? All colours are possible. Know that when you go through our printing service, we apply a white underprint for kraft and transparent materials which allows your colours to stand out in the final print. Your labels will then come out more vibrant than a classic print at home. 

Not sure which size to choose? At Avery, we've got you covered and to make your life easier, check out our label size guide now!

However, if you encounter problems or need help to carry out your project, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be able to assist you.