Square Labels & Stickers

Square stickers are modern and perfect to showcase your logo or to power up your product packaging. They are also a great fit for QR codes. We offer a range of square blank labels you can print and personalise yourself with a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Alternatively, you can share your design in any square size and let our print service do everything for you.

Blank Square Labels
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of 21 materials and 8 square sizes
  • Delivered to your door within 2-3 business days
  • Print from home using free templates
  • Prices start from ¬£4
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square glossy white
  • Choose any square size with square or rounded corners
  • Select from a range of 14 materials with gloss or matt varnish
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Quality printing.¬†Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Easy to apply. Permanent or removable adhesive. On SRA4 sheets.
  • Prices start from ¬£12
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Design your square labels

You can easily personalize your square labels using our free designer software. You can start from a blank template or customize on of our free designs. If you just want to print your logo or a design you already finalised, upload your finish artwork and follow our simple steps.

Our popular printable square stickers

Printable Square labels 35x35mm
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Square labels 40 x 40 mm
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Square labels 55 x 55 mm
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Square labels 60 x 60 mm
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Square labels 80 x 80 mm
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Our popular Custom Square Stickers

square white film
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Custom square food labels
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Custom square candle labels
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sqaure white film
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Square logo sticker
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What are square labels?

Thanks to their parallel sides these perfect squares are cut from sheets of labels with an adhesive back and a front in any material you want.  We offer both custom square stickers with sharp corners for a modern, minimalist end result and with rounded corners for a softer look. Our square labels are available in a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, clear, gold and silver options.

There are two options when it comes to square labels: 

Printable Square Labels: Blank sheets of labels you can print at home or in the office just choose your size, material and quantity, from 1 sheet to 10,000s; we will deliver to your door within 3 working days. Print on your inkjet or laser printer with the help of our free templates. Starting at £4.80.

Custom Square Labels: Choose your size, material and finish. Upload or create a design on our free design tool. We'll print and deliver to your door within 3-5 working days. Starting at £12.


Square honey labels

What can square labels be used for?

Square labels are great for any project as they provide a very clean, modern look. They can be used for branding products such as honey jars, beer bottles, spice jars or tea boxes. They are ideal for logo stickers on gifts, shopping bag and party favors.

They are also a perfect match for QR codes that became popular during the pandemic. You can use QR code custom square stickers to send your customer to your website, your social media accounts or the menu of your bar or restaurant. You can easily generate QR codes using our free design software: just enter the URL you want to link to and we will create the QR code for you.

Related Questions

What size are square labels?

The most popular square label size is 40mm.  Our blank square stickers are available in 9 popular sizes from 25x25mm to 80x80mm. Want something else, not a problem, choose our personalised square labels and you can choose any size! Create your design online in a few easy steps and our professional print service will make and ship them straight to you.

How do you use Avery Square labels?

If you've brought blank printable labels all you have to do is put the code provided into our design tool, upload or create a design, and print. If you need any help use our free guides or give us a call. 

How do I print square labels?

To print square labels just enter the Avery code provided into our free software, design your labels and click print. Place your square printable sheets into the printer and configure your settings. 


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