Frequently Asked Questions - Labels

Where can I buy Avery labels?

We are not a direct seller of our products.

To purchase Avery products simply look up your product on the website and then on the product details page you will find a 'buy online' button.

This will then show you where you can purchase that particular Avery product.

Where can I find a Word template for my labels?

To locate a Word template for your Avery product please click here

How do I find the right labels for me?

Avery are unable to advise what size label is suitable for your individual requirements as we have a large range of customisable labels to choose from.

However if you visit our All Labels page you will be able to filter the products via printer type, size, labels per page, colour and adhesive so you should be able to find a label to suit your needs.

Can you print the labels for me?

We are unable to print onto your purchased Avery products.

However if you would like to order professionally printed labels please visit our Avery WePrint service to design your labels and they will be printed and delivered to you.