Can I print an article for laser printers with an inkjet printer?

Articles that have been specially developed for use on laser printers are given a special coating that is suitable for high temperatures. An inkjet printer does not develop the temperatures of a laser printer, which can lead to the inkjet colours not being recorded correctly. The print result can therefore not correspond to the desired quality. We therefore recommend to always print articles with the appropriate printer for which they are advertised in order to avoid quality losses. If a product is suitable for all four types of printing, the choice of printer is entirely up to you. TIP: For labels and thick paper, you should always use the single sheet feeder for laser printers and set the printer driver settings to labels, cardboard, thick materials or similar.

For optimal printing results, please note the suitability for printing (e.g. inkjet or laser) and the information in your printer manual.

Can transparent laser labels be printed with an inkjet printer?

Our custom transparent label products are made with a polyester coating. Inkjet and laser technologies need other types of coatings to print on them. Transparent laser labels meet all requirements for use on standard desktop laser printers. They cannot be printed on with inkjet printers. Avery has developed a complete range of inkjet printing articles to meet the special requirements of inkjet printers.

What type of label adhesive is used for laser labels?

The adhesive that is used on the white laser labels is a permanent adhesive based on acrylic. This type of adhesive is suitable for general purposes, e.g. for most types of paper, envelopes, shipping boxes, file folders, untreated and painted metals, polypropylene and polyethylene bags. Laser name badges should not be used on leather, suede, corduroy, velvet, silk, vinyl and plastic. The name badges can be applied to most other fabrics and removed. The transparent laser labels use a permanent solvent-based adhesive, which is also suitable for general applications.

Can I print out a few labels and keep the label sheet for future printing?

Avery recommends that a label sheet should only pass through a laser or inkjet printer once. Our guarantee for the function without paper jam extends only to label sheets that were once fed in by an inkjet or laser printer. The label backing loses rigidity when individual labels are removed. This could result in the label sheet getting caught in the printer pass and causing a paper jam, labels peeling off inside the printer, or the adhesive residue of the removed labels contaminating the printing drum. All of this can result in a high repair bill.

The toner does not stick to the label. Why?

Please check your printer driver settings. For labels and thick paper, you should always set printer driver settings to labels, card stock, thick materials, or the like.

How do I find the right label for my franking machine?

Find the right label for all printer types in the compatibility list