What is the label composed of?

The face stock is made from a clear polyester film coated in an antimicrobial layer; the adhesive is a water-based coating chemistry which complies with the EU biocidal product regulations.

How does this label protect against bacteria, microbes and viruses?

The active, safe to touch component works by eradicating the conditions that bacteria & microbe cells need to survive, divide and duplicate. Viruses use the bacteria or microbes as a host, by killing the host the antimicrobial layer also stops spread of viruses. The product becomes active as soon as it is applied and is effective for up to five years if maintained correctly. 

Avery Antimicrobial labels have been certified by the following global industry standards:

  • (ISO 22196)
  • (ISO 21702)
  • (ASTM G21)

How to I determine the product suitability?

The Removable product is best used for applications where clean removability is important (for example touchscreens). It can also be used to protect flat surfaces (for example desks, books, notebooks or larger surface areas) .


The Permanent product is best used for applications where tightly curved surfaces) need to be protected (for example door handles or buttons).

Can this product replace regular cleaning routines?

This product should be used as an enhancement to your existing environmental protection, such as regular cleaning. This product has been tested against global standards and the regular use of cleaning chemicals does not affect the performance of the antimicrobial layer.

We do not recommend that this product be used as a replacement for regular sanitisation of heavily touched/used surfaces.

Can I print on this product?

No, this product is not suitable for printing. Attempts at printing could result in printer problems.

Is the product heat and water resistant?

Yes. The product can continue to perform and withstand temperatures from -40°C to 60°C. The product is also proven to adhere with up to 72 hours of water immersion.

How often can it be cleaned without compromising the coating?

This product should be used as an enhancement to existing environmental protection; it can be cleaned regularly without affecting the performance of the antimicrobial layer. When cleaning avoid using using harsh abrasives, wire wool or similar.

Does this specifically stop transmission/Kill COVID-19?

The COVID19 virus cells are not yet available for commercial testing, therefore no product at this current time can claim to stop the transmission of COVID19.

However, this product has been tested, and is proven to be highly effective, against other members of the same family of Human Coronaviruses (ISO 21702 Human Coronavirus NL63) which have similar cell structures. It significantly reduces viral activity by >70% within 2 hours Independently tested against global standard: ISO 21702. Reduces activity of Influenza A and Human Coronavirus NL63".

How do I best apply the film?

For best results ensure that:

  • The surface to be protected is clean, dry and dust free.
  • The time the adhesive is exposed to possible contamination is limited.
  • The film should not be applied to surfaces liable to “off gas” (for example fresh paint, jerry cans).
  • Apply slowly and evenly to avoid bubbles. To remove bubbles we recommend the use of a ruler, card or squeegee for best results.