Heavy Duty Stickers & Labels

Survive the elements! Our heavy duty stickers & labels are specially designed to stay stuck and endure various conditions and still look great. Either print your own for tough labelling on demand (only available with laser printers) or design your own custom durable stickers and have them printed through our professional print service. These durable labels are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, perfect for any project and a great solution to your labelling needs.

Design your own durable labels

If you order your own custom durable stickers from our print service they will be printed on our polyethene (PE)/Teslin material for extra durability. We recommend using a simplistic design so that key information can stand out. Colours will be slightly muted as we cannot add a finish to enhance them.  If you are printing your own heavy-duty sticky labels make sure that you use a laser printer, for the best quality print.

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

What are Heavy Duty labels?

Our extra strong durable labels are made of different materials, depending on whether you order custom printed labels or blank label sheets. If you order custom durable stickers printed through Avery they will be printed on white Teslin (Polyethylene (PE)), our strongest and most resistant material. This material is tearproof, water and oil resistant as well as freezer proof. These labels have also been tested at sea and can survive at least 60 days underwater and last between -40℃ and +150℃.

If you order this material as a blank sticker sheet the labels will be made out of white polyester with a matt finish. They come on A4 sheets and can be printed with a laser printer. These extra strong labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Ideal for industrial use or in areas with a lot of moisture also works well between -20℃ and +80℃.

What can heavy duty labels be used for?

Custom durable stickers can be used in a variety of harsh environments making them perfect for use in outdoor locations or industrial areas. With these extra-strong adhesive labels, you won’t have to worry about your labels peeling off or being worn down in the open if placed outdoors.

These labels aren’t only suitable for industrial uses; they also work great in regular products. When used on cosmetic products the result is a flawless and long-lasting label, which won’t dissolve or peel during its lifetime, meaning that your product will stay the way that you envision it to be! The labels also work great in the garden, helping you to name/number your bins, or help you remember which plants you’re growing. Members of the Avery team have used these labels on bins for over 5 years and they're still looking good. 

You can also get heavy-duty properties in a range of other materials such as silver heavy duty sheets, or pre-packed white sheets in select sizes and quantities. 

Related Questions

What is the most durable type of sticker?

The most durable labels are heavy-duty stickers, made out of either Teslin (print service) or polyethene (sticker sheets). Thes labels are designed to survive in harsh environments without dissolving or peeling.

What kind of stickers last longest?

Heavy-duty labels last the longest; this is thanks to their extra-strong adhesive, as well as the strength of the label material itself.

What is a permanent adhesive label?

A permanent adhesive label is one designed to stay where it is once applied, meaning that it won't be easily removed, unlike removable labels.

How do you print durable stickers?

You can either print your custom durable labels through our professional print service for a higher quality of material and print, or you can print them yourself through the use of our durable label sticker sheets on a laser printer.