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Create customised heavy duty labels, they'll be tough and last the test of time. Our waterproof material is our strongest material. Don't be mislead by the name, it can not only survive under the sea for 90 days it's also conformable so it's great for uneven surfaces. It's also oil-resistant so no need to worry about horrible stains. Alongside this our waterproof material is made from Teslin making it resistant to tearing. The material and adhesive can survive in both high and low temperatures, inside and outside, over long periods of time.  Current customers have used waterproof material labels on their candles, flower pots and drinks. Due to its nature, it, unfortunately, cannot be used in conjunction with our 3 finishes, it must remain unvarnished. But don't be put off by this as lots of beautiful packaging has been created with our waterproof material. 

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