Weatherproof Address & Parcel Labels

Make sure your letters and parcels arrive in top condition

Avery's custom weatherproof laser printer labels and stickers are strong and durable waterproof labels that will stay intact whatever the weather or however they are handled. Smudged address labels look unprofessional and can be difficult for the postal service to read.

These address and parcel labels are tough against the elements and tear proof to give you a weatherproof label that remains looking smart.

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Parcel Labels L7997-25 Content: 25 Labels / 25 Sheet

Parcel Labels L7997-25

199.6 x 289.1 mm
25 Labels / 25 Sheet
Parcel Labels L7996-25

Parcel Labels L7996-25

199.6 x 143.5 mm
Parcel Labels L7994-25 Content: 100 Labels / 25 Sheet

Parcel Labels L7994-25

99.1 x 139 mm
100 Labels / 25 Sheet
Parcel Labels L7993-25 Content: 200 Labels / 25 Sheet

Parcel Labels L7993-25

99.1 x 67.7 mm
200 Labels / 25 Sheet
Parcel Labels L7992-25 Content: 250 Labels / 25 Sheet

Parcel Labels L7992-25

99.1 x 57 mm
250 Labels / 25 Sheet

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