Every Label Tells a Story

What do your labels say about your business?

The way custom labels and stickers look and feel can make an impact on how a product or package is perceived. Labels can create excitement, drive sales, increase brand awareness and help build customer loyalty. But what exactly is the science behind a successful label?

We commissioned a unique psychological study to give an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful label interesting and persuasive.

Avery Bottle Labels

Download the report

You can read the full and detailed results of the study by downloading the report. This reveals the best ways for you to get the most out of your labels.

It includes a breakdown of the research findings as well as a guide to why certain label designs performed better in the experiments.

Next time you design a label, use our handy 15-point checklist to creating label designs that work.

4 steps to a successful label design

Follow our simple steps to create the perfect label

Choose the right label

Adding a label increases the likelihood of a product or package being noticed.

Attract attention

Make labels eye-catching with key information that the brain considers important.

Engage with customers

Labels are more effective if they encourage thought, processing or deliberation.

Producing bahaviour

Well-considered, well-designed and well-placed labels encourage customers to act.

Best Practice Templates

Choose one of our best practicse templates and start designing now!

Avery Round Labels

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Avery Product Labels

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Avery Round Labels

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Avery Parcel Labels

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Avery Brown Kraft Labels

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Avery Product Labels

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Did you know?

129% increase inbrand love

When multiple labels were used it increased brand love by 129%.

116% increase in perception of parcel content quality

There was an 116% increase in the perception of parcel content quality with multiple labels.

113% increase in purchase intent

Parcels with multiple labels increased purchase intent by 113%.

135% increase in word of mouth promotion

In the experiments, the likelihood of someone telling others about a brand increased by 135%.

every label tells a story