Avery Badgepoint® Badges

Badges to suit all conference and events

Vista ® Name Badges  - Plastic with Rotating Combi Clips, 4838G, L 4838G-L
All printer types
Printable Inserts 8554 8554
85 x 54 mm
All printer types
Printable Inserts 7547 7547
75 x 47 mm
All printer types
Printable Inserts 7537 7537
75 x 37 mm
All printer types
Printable Inserts 7527 7527
75 x 27 mm
All printer types
Printable Inserts 6530 6530
65 x 30 mm
All printer types
Office Name Badges - Plastic with  Clip 4840R-L
81 x 43 mm
All printer types
Vista ® Name Badges  - Plastic with Rotating Combi Clips, 4838G-M 4838G-M
All printer types
Badgepoint by Avery

Avery are proud to introduce Avery by badgepoint® represent our hospitality and healthcare badge solutions.

The Polar® and Profil® badges provide a premium finish ideal for sectors such as high end hotels, guest houses and spas. While our healthcare range is specifically designed for the healthcare industry, all are available with our patented smag magnetic fasteners, which ensure the badges stay perfectly aligned no matter the fabric it is placed on.