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Buy customisable round & circular labels for any need or occasion. We have two ways to create your dream label either use our print service to get custom circle labels or buy blank round sticker sheets you can print at home. Either way, you get to turn your vision into a reality.

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  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of 21 materials and 11 sizes
  • Delivered to your door within 2-3 business days
  • Print from home using free templates
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  • Customise the size, choose from 10+ materials and 2 varnishes
  • Upload or create a design with our FREE software
  • Quality printing. Delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Easy to apply. Permanent or removable adhesive. On SRA4 sheets.
  • Prices start from £12
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Design your own round stickers

Have some fun with your round stickers. The lack of edges makes them super versatile, and great for different colours, fonts and images. They're often used as logo stickers or carry little messages. 

Don't have time to design your own? See our templates

Most popular round blank label sizes

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What are circle stickers?

The name says it all, circle stickers are round stickers on sheets and come in a variety of sizes. Use our print service to save time and get the exact size you need with its handy custom size feature you can choose down to the millimetre.

If you want to save a little money and print them yourself order our blank labels available in over 11 popular sizes. The most popular size of round label is 40mm so if you're not sure about sizing choose that or use our size guide for help.

Circle labels are available in multiple materials and colours including brown kraft, plastic and paper You can truly create exactly what you want. 

What can you use circle labels for

Round stickers are ideal for product labels and can be used for everything from jars and bottles to candles and cosmetics. Adding your logo to round labels makes a perfect seal for packaging. You can use these to seal packaging and give your customer a great first impression. Use round labels with special messages to create interest and desire in your packaging. ‘Handmade for you’, ‘Made with love’ ‘Open me’, ‘What’s inside?’ and ‘Just for you’ are all simple messages you can use on personalised circle stickers. 

If you have a special offer or sale you can create round discount stickers that will truly stand out when printed on our blank labels in bright colours like red and yellow; they're really cheap and easy to create.

You can also use a circle label to add a special touch to events that'll make your guests smile. Add them to goody bags, favours or just print a sheet of fun birthday stickers. Even teachers use round stickers as personalised reward stickers. 

Related Questions

How can I print round stickers at home?

Buy your labels from Avery, once you have them find your template code that's included in the packaging, enter that into the Avery Design and Print Online Software and create your design. Once that's done press print and change your printer settings using our helpful guide. Then you'll have beautifully printed round stickers. 

How do I make circle labels?

Head to the Avery website either buy blank circle labels or use our print service. Order from circle labels from our print service or blank labels, choose the size, material and finish you want. Upload or create a design and we'll print and deliver or you can print it yourself. 

Does Avery make round labels?

Yes, Avery makes round labels sheets, choose the exact size, shape and material you want, and we'll deliver them to your door. Want us to print it for you? Just use our print service. 

What is the standard round sticker size?

The standard round sticker size is 40mm. It is by far the most popular size and is often used for logo stickers. 

Explanation of bleed in label printing
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