Speciality NoPeel™ Labels

For that extra security in your office

If your property goes missing it can be easily identified if it is labelled with your name or contact details. Avery NoPeel™ tamper proof labels and custom stickers are permanent and won’t come off.  If an attempt is made to remove the label, the material flakes and disintegrates, making removal virtually impossible and tampering immediately obvious. The labels are also oil and dirt resistant, water resistant and temperature resistant (-40°C to + 100°C).

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NoPeel™ Labels L6146-20 Content: 480 Labels / 20 Sheet

NoPeel™ Labels L6146-20

63.5 x 33.9 mm
480 Labels / 20 Sheet
B/W Laser
NoPeel™ Labels L6145-20 Content: 800 Labels / 20 Sheet

NoPeel™ Labels L6145-20

45.7 x 25.4 mm
800 Labels / 20 Sheet
B/W Laser