That Moment When You Experience the Avery "A-ha" moment

Avery Design & Print is much more than a label creator. It’s one of those tools that makes everyday tasks appear much easier. From addressing items to send out in the post to creating personalised labels that will help you sell more products; our handy free software will save you time and money.

Over the last year we’ve been meeting some of the people whose days have been made easier by using our label creator. Hearing these individual stories has inspired us so much that we wanted to share them with you. Right now, people up and down the UK are using Design & Print to create labels, cards and other branded stationery items and we just love seeing the results.

That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

Meet the Label Makers

That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

Rod is the Chairman of a small charity which aims to raise money for defibrillators in his local town. He wanted to create labels for collecting tins at fundraising events. Not only was it important the labels were durable, so they couldn’t be torn easily, Rod wanted to ensure the charity boxes attracted attention, so he designed bold, bright, red labels. As a busy professional who is doing his charity work purely as a volunteer, Rod is always looking for quick and easy ways to save.

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That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

The Avery UK team loved their visit to the North of England where Rachael showed us how she creates glass jewellery and accessories for the home. She also teaches others how to make glass products, so we came away feeling all creative. It’s important that the labels she uses to sell and package the products look professional as it’s part of the overall experience.

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That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

We couldn’t help but smile when we witnessed the moment a pupil received his personalised sticker after working hard in his school lesson. School teacher, Hannah loves to show her pupils the importance of hard work and reward them for doing well. She uses Design & Print to create reward stickers with her name and a special message on, as well as adding fun pictures that she knows her pupils will love.

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That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

Over the years, Avery has been proud to support those working within the administrative profession and are regularly hearing from PAs who use our labels and software for many office tasks. Event planning, filing, mail merge, signage and creating sales documents are just a few of the projects PAs use Design & Print for. With such busy and demanding roles, we love to save personal assistants and office managers those important minutes and take away a few frustrations from UK offices.

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That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

There are many networking marketing businesses around the world, offering people the opportunity to work from home and manage their business around other responsibilities. The Bodyshop is one of the longest running but with so much competition from other businesses it’s important that attention to detail is paid when packaging products. We love how Melany personalises everything, knowing this will help with repeat business and sales from word of mouth.

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