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you find a way to make office life a little easier

Life working as a personal assistant can be both busy and demanding. PAs are constantly on the hunt for the most efficient ways to complete office tasks. Everything from event planning to filing to mail merge will become quicker with our label creator.

Meet Sarah, owner of Twenty Five. Since discovering Avery Design & Print, she uses its clever mail merge feature to quickly make up delegate packs when organising events. It's saved her tons of time and she loves the flexibility of the design software.

That Moment when you discover Avery Design & Print

PAs and Virtual PAs

See how Design & Print can help you!

Avery manufacture lots of products that help PAs, Virtual Assistants and Office Administrators.

Here are just a few from our range:

Address Labels L7163-100
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Address Labels L7163-100

Dimensions99.1 x 38.1 mm
Printer typeLaser
Software CodeL7163
Filing Labels L7171-100 Content: 400 Labels / 100 Sheet

Filing Labels L7171-100

Dimensions200 x 60 mm
Content400 Labels / 100 Sheet
Printer typeLaser, Inkjet
Self Adhesive Name Badges L4785-20 Content: 200 Labels / 20 Sheet

Self Adhesive Name Badges L4785-20

Dimensions80 x 50 mm
Printer typeLaser
Software CodeL4785
Tent Cards L4794-10 Content: 40 Labels / 10 Sheet

Tent Cards L4794-10

Dimensions120 x 45 mm
Grammage190 g/m²
Printer typeAll printer types