Custom Cream Labels & Stickers

If you're looking to elevate the look of your brand or packaging, Avery cream labels can help you achieve just that. Our custom sticky labels and stickers have a light cream, ribbed appearance. You can buy cream blank labels & stickers on A4 sheets, which you can print at home. Or save yourself time and effort by choosing our professional print service. Fully customise your perfect order by selecting your desired label size, shape, finish, and quantity and we'll deliver them to your door. Bonus: we also have free design software and templates that you can easily personalise.

Cream Textured Paper Blank Sheets
  • Order blank A4 sheets in any quantity
  • Select from a range of label sizes and shapes
  • Delivered to your door within 2-3 business days
  • Print from home using free templates
  • Suitable for laser and inkjet printers
  • High wet strength - stays intact under humid or wet conditions
  • Prices start from ¬£7.90
Shop Blank Textured Stickers
  • Choose from over 15 shapes in any custom size
  • Upload your design or create one with our FREE software
  • Professional quality printing delivered to your door within 5 business days
  • Choose no varnish or a matt protective finish
  • Easy to apply. Medium-strength adhesive. On SRA4 sheets
  • High wet strength - stays intact under humid or wet conditions
  • Prices start from ¬£13.20
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Design your textured stickers

Using a textured sticker on your product or packaging adds that premium look that can help draw customers in. The tactile nature of the material also gives it that extra dimension, you can play on this by leaving the cream colour to show through by using a transparent image or print in full colour for a truly custom look. And to complete your design, select our matt varnish to give that perfect luxury finish.  

Don't have a design of your own? See our templates here.


What are textured labels and stickers?

Avery textured labels and stickers can help you achieve that premium and distinctive look on your product or packaging. They are made of cream-coloured paper with a ribbed appearance, and the tactile nature of the labels makes them luxurious to touch. They are easy-to-apply, and with a medium-strength adhesive on the label, you can be sure that they stay intact. In addition, the high wet strength quality of our textured materials makes them durable even under humid and wet conditions. This is why textured label printing is very popular for wine, food, and beverage labelling.   

And if you want to portray that luxurious look & feel on your products, then you can avail of our luxury label printing service which uses high-quality printing and laser cutting for a professional finish.

What can textured labels & stickers be used for?

The quality and features of textured labels make them ideal for a wide variety of applications, which include labelling for wine, beers, beverages, candles, food, homemade goodies, beauty products, and other items where a premium finish is a must! The textured surface helps engage the senses and can entice people to get a closer look and touch the products. 

Luxury label printing is also a popular choice for weddings and special celebrations, where you want to achieve a premium and handcrafted feel. Use this material to create personalised gift tags, wedding favour stickers, name labels for seating charts, and many more. 

If you have any questions on this material, you can always chat with one of our friendly customer service teams who can guide you through the best label and sticker material to suit your needs. You can also request a free sample so you can feel and experience the material yourself before buying. 

Not sure what design you’d want to use? See our templates. 

Our labels in action

Customer: Only enso 50x50 cream textured paper labels stickers

Used a cream textured square 50mm labels

Cream Textured Labels
Customer: Purity for men Cream Textured Paper labels/stickers rectangle 28 x 130 mm matt

Cream textured rectangle 28x130mm matt

Product label for eye gel

Cream Textured Paper labels/stickers rectangle 64 x 38mm matt

Cream textured paper rectangle 64x38mm matt

Product label for candle jar

Customer: Avander Candle Studio Cream Textured  rectangle 30x80mm matt  Product label for candle, full-colour print.

Cream Textured rectangle 30x80mm matt

Product label for candle, full-colour print.

Related Questions

What are textured labels and stickers?

Textured labels and stickers are made of cream-coloured paper materials with a ribbed appearance, that gives them a premium handcrafted feel. Their tactile nature also makes them luxurious to touch, and is a good way to draw customers in. This material has high wet strength, which helps ensure that your label stays intact even in wet or humid conditions.   

When and where can I use textured sticky labels?

Textured label printing can be used for a wide variety of applications. With their high wet strength quality combined with a high-end finish, they are popular labels for wine, beer, beverages, food, cosmetics, and luxury products. Luxury textured paper labels and stickers are also a great choice for weddings and special occasions, so you can add a personalised handcrafted feel to your wedding favours, thank you stickers, invitation letters, menus, name labels and so much more. 

How do I print on textured labels and stickers?   

You can easily print your own designs on textured labels and stickers with a laser printer at home. Our free Avery Design & Print software online can help you create and print these labels easily. We've got thousands of free design templates to choose from that you can also customise. If you want to save time and effort, you can also choose our professional print service  and we'll deliver your labels straight to your door within 5 business days. 


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