Multiple labels help influence behaviour

Add more labels to your own mail

Our study revealed that the use of multiple custom labels when shipping items was particularly effective at influencing behaviours. We found that using multiple labels in shipping achieves more of the desired outcomes than just using one.

However, labels should have a clear purpose or it can be confusing for the recipient so  don’t cover parcels with lots of different labels for the sake of it. Consider what the labels you do use will achieve and how to make each one as effective as possible.

Here are the various labels we recommend you do add to your business packages and mail.

Add additional labels
Show your branding on the address label

Address labels

Your address label should be easy-to-read so not only does it help the postal service or couriers get items to the recipient but it also looks more professional. Adding your logo to an address label also gives confidence that the package is from a trusted source.

Adding icons and images, bold colours and handwritten fonts all proved successful in our label experiments.

Include a label for your logo


Adding labels that include your company branding is another simple but effective way of building up trust and confidence with your customer. With so much junk mail being sent out and ignored, it’s important that your parcel, package or mail is acted upon.

Make sure you adda return address label

Return address

This is a simple way of preventing mail from getting lost in the post as if it did go astray the deliverer would be able to return to you. However it’s also another way of reinforcing that the item is from a professional and trusted outlet which helps encourage recipients to act.

add a special message to your packaging

Special messaging

The research highlighted that adding surprise or curiosity was an effective way of influencing behaviour. Adding labels with a special message for the recipient will help attract attention and can influence future purchase behaviour. Examples of this include adding text labels that say things like “Open me”, “See what’s inside”, “Handmade with love” or “Just for you”. 

Adding emotion through images or words or a personalised message to blank labels also proved successful in our study.

every label tells a story