Personalised Valentine's Kit

Create an affordable Valentine’s with Avery

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the most expensive night of the year for you and your loved one. The day is what you make it to be…

We have put together some ideas on how you can create the perfect Valentine’s Day and evening in to spend with the one you love.

valentines day
valentines day

The menus

Why not create a personalised breakfast menu for your partner so they can tick off what they would like to eat in the morning. Treat them to a special breakfast in bed with a nice rose on the tray and maybe a nice glass of bucks Fizz. It doesn’t have to be Smoked Salmon or anything fancy, just a normal fry up of their choice. Remember it doesn’t matter what you spend, it’s the thought that counts.

You can also create a personalised Dinner menu so your partner knows what they are being treated to in the evening. Why not give Avery Printable Cards a try, you can personalise them using our Design & Print software and use the perforations to pop them out for a clean finish.

valentines day

Bottle labels

Creating a personalised bottle label is so easy to do using our Design & Print software. You can even use a template from our Valentine’s Day gallery.  

Now you don’t have to get fancy champagne, what about a nice affordable bottle of Prosecco? All you have to do is soak off the label and put your own on. They will never know the difference; they will just see the amount of effort you have gone to with the label.

Avery Bottle Labels are from our Create Your Own range which are temperature resistant, perfect for a nice chilled bottle. They are also splash proof, so if you accidentally spill something on them, it won’t ruin your perfect label.

valentines day

Movie night voucher

Why not try creating a voucher for a movie night for you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be anything specific but a few ideas would be for a hug, a movie night, a date night with terms and conditions. 

Use this as your main gift to your partner; show them that you don’t need to buy them expensive gifts to be thoughtful! What’s better is Avery Correspondence Cards fit perfectly inside a standard DL letter envelope, so you can wrap the envelope to make it look extra nice.

valentines day

Sweetie and chocolate labels

And of course to finish off the evening with a nice movie, why wouldn’t you want to include some sweeties, chocolate and popcorn in that?

Avery Glossy Labels have a great gloss finish and are great to jazz things up. Why not put the popcorn and sweets in different bags and use a label to finish it off.

Remember, it’s all about the effort you put in, not how much you spend.

Create your own Valentine's kit

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