Meet the Create Your Own Range by Avery

Get creative with your personalisation and organisation

There is so much you can do with custom labels and stickers. You can personalise and organise. You can decorate and design.

Now, if you’re a novice designer or someone who last picked up a pencil back in art class 10 years ago, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of designing.

Our Create Your Own range has been created to inspire your imagination. You can do all your designing in the Avery Design and Print tool, either from scratch or choose from a selection of templates.

Need a little inspiration? We’ve rounded up our top six products to get your creative side fired up.

Avery Create Your Own Range
Create your own labels in Avery Design & Print

The Create Your Own Range

Our printable products are fully customisable using the free Avery Design and Print online tool. Simply enter in the product number, you can choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates or simply create your own from scratch! Simply design, print and stick. 

Avery Create your Own round labels

Round labels

You can use these round labels for pretty much anything.

Gift labels, sealing party bags, organising your cupboards, scrapbooking, reward stickers for kids, labelling your homemade goodies.

The list goes on.

The bonus with these stickers is that they have a removable adhesive. This means they stick well, but you can remove them without leaving a mark. Great news if the kids have ‘decorated’ using their reward stickers!

 Round labels

Avery Create Your Own Chalkboard Labels

Chalkboard labels

We love these classic-looking chalkboard labels.

They look particularly good on glass jars full of pasta, flour, rice and anything else in the pantry or on shelves.

The great thing is if you ever decide to swap what’s in the jar you can just wipe off the chalk and write on it again.

Chalkboard labels

Avery Create Your Own Bottle Labels

Bottle labels

Are you a homebrewer or winemaker? Or maybe you want to personalise your wedding wine or a gift? If so, Avery bottle labels are definitely worth a try.

They are temperature resistant, and will look crisp and fresh even when they’ve been chilled. You won’t be able to submerge these labels in water, like in an ice bucket, but they are splash proof.

These labels will give your homebrew or wine a more professional look. You never know, you could end up selling it! Design from scratch or choose one of our templates to get you started.

Bottle labels

Avery Create your Own Fabric Transfers

Fabric transfers

Now if fabric transfers don’t get you feeling inspired we’re not sure what will!  They are the perfect way to personalise a t-shirt, baby grow, apron, bag or cushion.

If you have a stag do or hen party coming up fabric transfers would be a great option for matching tees with personalised nicknames on the back.

Fabric transfers

Avery Create your Own Jar Labels

Jar labels

Ever had a jar at the back of the fridge and have no idea what it is? If you make your own condiments and jams then this has probably happened to you. Handwritten labels have their place but can they last as long as sauerkraut?

Our jar labels have a glossy coating and are oil, liquid and temperature resistant. This is the perfect material for food jars, as the label can be wiped down. Designing and printing labels for your homemade goodies will be great for selling or giving away your products too. You can add best before dates and a description of what it is so no one has to play the jar lottery again.

Jar labels

Avery Place Cards

Place Cards

No one likes the awkwardness of deciding where to sit for dinner. It’s almost as uncomfortable as when the bill arrives.

If you are planning a wedding, business event or any sit-down meal, place cards are going to be a must have for a stress-free meal. After all, you don’t want granny ending up sitting with the groomsmen who are seeing the wedding as ‘Stag Do Part 2’!

With Avery place cards you can print on both sides, add your wedding colours and themes, or your logo for business events.

It’s a low-cost, easy way to create place cards. The added bonus is that it’s likely to save you  a lot of stress and give granny a peaceful meal.

Place cards


Feeling inspired?

Get designing!

Avery Create Your Own Products:

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hero_home organisation_bottle & jar products_mar17

Create personalised bottle labels to get organised at home

hero_cards & paper_place cards_apr17

For professional event organisation

hero_labels_home organisation labels_chalkboard labels

Write on with chalk and wipe off with damp cloth

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