UltraGripā„¢ Technology

Whilst Avery is the number one labelĀ and sticker brand, with over 80 years of knowledge and experience on how to produce the highest quality printer labels, we are always looking for ways to improve our products.

Weā€™ve been offering JamFREEā„¢ printing for the last 20 years, but our team of labeling experts recognise that printers get dusty, which in-time can affect printer alignment performance.Ā 

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The Unique 3D microdot pattern helps provide this improved print feed.

The new UltraGripā„¢ range has been designed to give you an even more reliable feed and improved printing experience.

  • Avery labels are constantly tested for maximum performance.
  • We want you to get the perfect print, every time.
  • You can have more confidence and trust in the blank labels you buy.
  • See, feel and know the difference when using Avery UltraGripā„¢ labels.
  • With clearer instructions, Avery labels are now easier than ever to use.

A wide variety of label sizes tailored for your mailing needs


Our new, UltraGripā„¢ technology is engineered into our label sheets to help provide a more reliable feed through your printer and prevent misalignments and jams.


UltraGripā„¢ and QuickPEELā„¢ gives you confidence when applying to your mail. Enabling reliable and easy to apply labels.


With free software and templates at avery.co.uk/software/design-print, you can customize and bring your ideas to life.

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