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7 ways to make a hit event

Planning events can be stressful as you want to ensure everything runs smoothly, that the event is well attended and that everyone has a really good time. For today’s Small Business Advice Week blog, the WePrint team has been looking at how we can help make all your events a huge hit with attendees.

If you’ve got any ideas of your own we’d love to share them with the fellow #SBAW tweeters so send a tweet to @UKAvery and use the campaign hashtag so we can share it.

How to make your next corporate event a big hit

  1. Create a folder with all your event information in. This is like your bible for event planning and where you will store attendee lists, order forms, sponsor information, table plans and all the other bits and pieces you will need on the big day. You could create a personalised WePrint ring binder which will stand out from your other folders so it’s quick and easy to find.
  2. Wall stickers are a fantastic way to brighten up the walls of any room and you can include messages, charts and images on your design. Why not get your table plan printed as a wall sticker so it’s easy to spot and frees up some floor space that a more traditional easel may take up? You could create directional labels as wall stickers so everyone can find where they need to be more easily. If you have already created an event design on Avery WePrint then you could easily transfer this over to your wall sticker so everything fits together and looks really professional.
  3. Make sure your invitations or tickets include as much information about the event as possible. There’s the obvious things like the location, date and time but if you printed them double sided you can add additional information such as a map, event hashtag to encourage people to talk about the event in advance and a little teaser about what to expect when they get there.
  4. If you are serving food make sure you give accurate descriptions of what’s in the dishes so people with allergies know whether they are able to eat a certain menu item. You could use theA6 greeting cards to display your menus or the round labels work great for labelling trays and plates on a buffet. Add your company logo to the design or create something that will make people really remember your event. Sometimes it’s the finer details that people remember the most.
  5. Business cards also make great name badges and if everyone knows each other’s name, this can be a real ice breaker. We’d also recommend you included your logo, Twitter handles and the event hashtag on there as social media is a fantastic way of creating a buzz about an event. Those who aren’t attending often see these tweets and photos and are keen to join next time if that ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) has been built up.

The WePrint team has loved being part of Small Business Advice Week. There’s still two more days to go and we’ll be continuing to share advice over the weekend so watch this space. page.

4 September 2015