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Say More with Handmade Stickers

If you’re making products at home, are you labelling them as ‘handmade’? Being handmade is a key selling point, and customised stickers are the perfect way to make this point loud and clear.
Everyone knows that handmade products are special. Whether you’re giving them away as gifts, selling them for charity or selling them as a business venture, a handmade label works wonders to highlight just how unique your products really are.
And don’t forget that in business, a handmade label or sticker can give you a real edge over large producers.
One simple word – handmade – on a sticker says a lot about your product. In fact, major brands and products are increasingly using ‘brand stories’ to explain what they’re all about and to connect with consumers in as few words as possible.

Christmas jewellery labels

Handmade labels fit right in with this marketing strategy. And it only takes a couple more words to say even more about you, your product or your brand in a way that really appeals to people (see the popular messages for handmade stickers below).

Personalised quality printing and fast delivery are our specialities at Avery We Print. So we’ve put together some ideas to make sure that your handmade labels make your handmade items even more special.

Handmade label messages

One of the most popular types of personalised ‘handmade by’ stickers that we see here at Avery WePrint are ‘handmade with love’ stickers. Other popular messages for handmade items and crafts include:

  • Handmade by (your name or business)
  • Handmade in (your town, village, neighbourhood, region or area)
  • Handmade for you
  • Made by hand

New label shapes

We’re very excited to let you know about the four new label shapes recently introduced at Avery WePrint as these are perfect for a handmade logo or message:

The six other sticker shapes available are: Rectangle, Round, Square, Oval, Plaque and Straight oval. View our whole range of stickers here.

Tips to make your handmade labels stand out

Handmade stickers not only help to differentiate your products from the competition, they can make your products stand out in a display. Here are some tips for maximum impact:

  1. Create a burst of bright colour with handmade stickers –red, pink, yellow and orange tend to be the most eye-catching colours
  2. Make sure your handmade labels stand out by using a colour that contrasts with your packaging, containers or products.
  3. Use heart shape stickers to show that love and care have gone into your product – this label shape works especially well for ‘Handmade with love’ labels
  4. Use small circle, oval, scalloped or hexagon shape stickers to make small, bright labels that pop
  5. Give your handmade stickers an ultra professional look by using fonts, colours and design elements that tie in with your branding.

Most people create stickers that say ‘handmade’ as an addition to the main product and information labels. So whereas you may need larger sizes for the main labels, your handmade stickers can be quite small. Even so, it’s always wise to measure the area for your handmade stickers before you start.

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18 December 2018