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Running a new small business

No matter how small your business is, it needs to look professional.

But when you’re starting out, it’s not always clear how to achieve that slick look – especially if you only have a fraction of the budget and resources that large companies have to spend on branding, packaging and stationery.

If you want to be taken seriously, here are some practical ideas on how we can help you raise your game. In this blog, we’ll be focusing on three types of business: cafés, beauty products and professional services. But do bear in mind that these ideas can apply to many more types of businesses.

Restaurants and Cafés

To create special promotions, menus, event invites or marketing flyers, postcards are ideal. We use sturdy paper with a great quality feel. See Avery WePrint postcards.

You can also choose cards that fold out. These are in the greetings cards section.

Business cards and customer loyalty cards

When it comes to running a café, business cards have multiple uses. They make great customer loyalty cards as standard-size business cards fit easily into wallets and can be kept handy so customers can get them stamped to earn rewards. See Avery WePrint business cards.

Food display cards

Do you have cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, quiches, salads or any other types of food and drink on display? Lots of cafés are using note cardholders or name/place cardholders, or even photo holders, to hold food descriptions and menus.

Write your descriptions on customised cards to give a professional, branded look. Chose from square and rectangular cards in the business cards section.

Wall signs and posters

Want to let your customers know about special offers? Want to show your branding loud and proud? Wall stickers are an easy way to put up professionally printed posters. And they won’t leave residue on the walls.

This type of signage is also ideal for practical uses, such as directing customers to the toilets, or for creating the right atmosphere with inspirational quotes, messages and images. You can design it to keep it all within your branded designs and colours. Read more about Avery WePrint signage.

Health and Beauty Products and Services

If you’ve started selling soaps, candles or lotions that you’ve made yourself, Avery WePrint labels are an easy way to customise your packaging.

Don’t forget that all our labels and cards can be printed right up to the edge. This, along with high quality materials, will give you the professional finish you’re looking for.

Sticky labels for customised packaging

For most small businesses, it simply isn’t feasible to print your own packaging. But you can buy ready-made bags, bottles or boxes and use Avery WePrint labels to personalise them. Alternatively, you can also stick Avery labels directly onto some products, such as candles or soap in cellophane.

There’s a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from, so you can make sure your labelling fits your packaging correctly. Quality is important because you don’t want the labels to peel off easily, fade or look damaged after transportation. See Avery WePrint sticky labels.

Cards for branding and information

Many businesses also find it’s handy to pop a card in their packaging or use a small square card, or folded card, attached to the product to provide more information. This is especially important if you need to explain about the provenance or give a background story, but don’t have room on the sticky labels.

For small, square cards in high quality paper – flat, or folded – look in the business cards section.

Professional Services

All accountants, agencies, legal firms and other types of professional services need to give clients, a good impression and keep organised.

Business Cards

Essential for networking and meetings, business cards should make an impact and represent quality. This is why ours come in thick, strong card with photo quality digital printing. See business cards.


Present your work or organise your office with 2 ring, 4 ring or lever arch files with your branding or colour-coded system. There’s no minimum order, so every file can be designed for a specific purpose. See binders.

How do you use Avery WePrint?

We’d love to hear your ideas about the creative ways you’re using Avery WePrint to create customized solutions for your business. Get in touch.

21 July 2017