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Online Design Tool – Easier than Ever

We recently made some changes to the Online Design Tool to make it even simpler to use. So if you like to design your products yourself – or if you’d like to have a go – it’s now easier than ever to create designs with our online tool.

To get started, you just need to decide which Avery WePrint product you want to customise. The Design Tool lets you work on our full range of labels and stickers, business cards , cards, ring binders and labels for CDs and DVDs .

The Design Tool makes it possible to achieve a really professional look without adding designers’ fees to your costs!

Your Design Tool choices

After clicking on a ‘Start designing’ button, you now simply choose what you’re going to be working on:

  • A new design created from scratch ‘Use a blank template’
  • One of our ready-made designs ‘Select a pre-designed template’
  • Artwork that’s already been completed ‘Upload a PDF’
  • A design you’ve started and saved ‘Open a saved design’
  • ‘Continue with previous design’ if you’ve had to leave it for a while

This screen also gives you the opportunity to change your product selection.

Four easy steps

When you’ve started designing, you’ll see the four steps you need to complete to make your order at the top of the screen. The step you’re on will be highlighted. The steps are:

  1. Configure – choose your product and product specifications, such as size and material
  2. Design – choose how to design and create it using the Design Tool
  3. Preview – make sure everything is OK using the handy checklist
  4. Basket – Confirm that you’ve reviewed your design and your basket will show the quantity, which you can amend, the cost, and a button to the secure Checkout.

Working in the Design Tool

We’ve simplified the options and the workspace in the Design Tool. But we’ve kept all the great things you can do with it to customise your Avery WePrint products.

When you open the design tool, you’ll see the shape of the product you are customising. Two safety lines are marked out around the product shape:

  • Inside – to make sure words or other key elements don’t get too close to the edge
  • Outside – to make sure your design goes right to the edge with no white showing, if you want to print to the edge.

A powerful graphics package

Whether you’re using one of our templates or designing from scratch, the design tool gives you complete freedom to adjust your design exactly how your want it.

Here’s a brief guide to what you can do with the Design Tool:


Type straight or in a curve with a fully adjustable arc. Straight and curved text can go in any angle if you click on the small circle below the text box. There are over 40 fonts to choose from. Make your text larger or smaller.


You can leave a blank background or add a colour.

Lines and shapes ­

Click on the shapes option, and you can add a straight line, arrow, rectangle, square, circle, oval, cloud bubble, speech bubble, hexagon, pentagon, triangle or star.

You can make lines and shapes exactly the size you want by pulling the corners, and you can choose to have just the outline or the filled shape.


You can add an image or PDF from your computer. Text and shapes can go over images.


Your text, background, shapes and lines can be any colour you want. The full spectrum is available .


To help you get the layout exactly right, click on ‘View’ to see your design in an adjustable grid.

Help as you need it

Another new Design Tool feature is the helpful information boxes that pop up by the text, image, shapes and background options.

You can also use the undo and redo buttons to go back or forward through your actions.

And there’s live chat between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) if you get stuck.

Let’s get started

To begin, choose the Avery WePrint product you want to customise.

If you need any inspiration, see our Blog, or check out our piece on How to be your own graphic designer.

24 November 2017