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Logo design tips for small businesses

Great logo can be the centrepiece for most start up brands.
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1) Brand heritage

Retro branding is always the key to success when it comes to recognition and product quality. If you have a family crafting or food business, by adding the start-up year in the logo is likely to retain customers and make them trust the brand more. The number of years a business is active has a direct link to experience and industry knowledge. This gives a flavourful personality to your brand.

2) Consistency

It is important to keep your branding consistent in any communication you do with your customer base. A logo represents values and brand identity which sets you aside from competition. Start-up businesses can customise promotional material such as business cards, flyers, labels, discs and have the same logo across all designs with the enhanced Avery WePrint design tool. This can definitely work as a unique selling point for handmade products!

3) Colour schemes

Customers can relate to your brand based on the colour scheme of choose for your logo. For example, yellow is associated with freshness and energy, red is associated with passion and trust, blue is associated with clarity and understanding. At Avery WePrint, we use digital printing technology which enhances the clarity of these colours and makes them pop. This is sure to catch the eye of the consumer.

4) Back to basics

Handmade cosmetics, décor, clothing and other products define simplicity and focus on key design elements. Adding a simple logo as a part of your brand name is a great way to highlight one key feature that customers can connect to the most. Most large businesses use simple black and white logos that always stay on trend. The simpler a logo design, the more memorable it will be.

5) Adding shapes

An element or shape can have a resounding effect on the way customers and potential customers view a particular product or service. Squares and triangles suggest stability whilst circles and ovals project a positive emotional message. This added to a logo can help customers build an emotional connection with your brand which will lead to higher brand awareness.

Are you inspired to create your own logo? Start now by either uploading an image or creating a design from scratch using a blank template.

24 March 2017