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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Invite

Your wedding invitation is a great opportunity to send something considered, beautiful and unique to your loved ones, whilst setting the tone for the celebration ahead. The web offers a great range of hints and tips on what to think about when designing your invitations. Just add some creativity and inspiration and you’ll have a set of invitations that are unique to your special day. Using a printing website like Avery WePrint can help you with high quality printing.

What do I need for the perfect wedding invitation?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. It's a ripe opportunity to forget things, so we've made an easy checklist of things to keep an eye on while you're preparing the invitations. A good idea is to understand the amount of content you require to go into the invitations. We usually recommend our A6 greeting cards or our square greeting cards. Both work well as save-the-dates too.

Don’t forget about timing

Getting your invitations ready for print and postage will take a considerable amount of time. It’s worth being extra-generous when allocating a time-scale. If you think the invitations will take you one month design to postage, allow yourself two months. Some of the things you’ll need to factor in include drafting your designs, sourcing materials, editing, printing and postage. A good rule of thumb is to send out invitations 10-12 weeks in advance with an RSVP deadline set 4-6 weeks prior to the event. You should aim to allocate 4 weeks for design, 1-2 weeks for printing and an additional 1-2 weeks for postage.

The Design

Your invitation is the first introduction your guests will have to your wedding, the theme and colours. It gives them an indication as to what colours they should be avoiding for the big day as well as the kind of wedding to expect.

Your wedding invitation is your guests' first introduction to your colours and theme

For example, if you choose a wedding invitation on crisp white card stock with elegant and simple lettering, your guests would be expecting a traditional wedding.

Keep it simple

Keep the motifs, logo and wording simple. Try to stick to two fonts at the most, one script and one block font. The greatest invitations have two elements, good design and good paper. If you get these things right, your invitation is sure to set the tone on arrival.

The Budget

Invitations can become very expensive very quickly, so it’s important to keep an eye on your budget whilst making design decisions. Letterpress, foiling and bespoke die-cut shapes can easily push up the cost. Think about saving on delivery costs and the possibility of discounts if you place an order for all your printed material at the same time. It is custom to include all the details of your wedding in a booklet with the invitation, you can save on postage and printing by directing your guests to a personalised wedding website. You can also set up an email account specifically for the wedding to remove the need for RSVP cards also – just get your guests to RSVP via email.

Wedding invitations can be a difficult process to start, but using these tips will help you create beautiful bespoke wedding invitations for your special day. For more design ideas for weddings, check out our Weddings & Celebrations Get Inspired page.

9 April 2015