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Business ring binders

We might do most of our work electronically these days, but we all still have paperwork to organise. You may also have instructions, samples, pictures and sales tools that need to be kept, distributed or presented to employees and clients.

Custom ring binders are ideal for storage and display because you can have your own logo, words, colours and designs printed on the outside. This not only helps with organisation, but also enables you to create a great impression.

Here are some of the ways in which custom ring binders can really help your business to become more efficient and attract more clients.

Organise paperwork

Important paperwork needs to be filed and kept safely so that you can easily find it when you need it. Here are some examples:

  • Documents, such as legal and insurance policy documents
  • Correspondence from customers
  • Letters or certificates from official bodies, such as the local council
  • Bills, receipts and other accounting records which must be kept on file for a minimum of 5 years under tax rules
  • Statements and invoices

Ring binders are a great practical solution for organising and storing. By customising your ring binders, you can make sure your paperwork is not only organised, but also looking neat and tidy.

If you like to use a colour-coded system, you can customise your ring binders with the colours you want to use. And it’s worth bearing in mind that Avery WePrint ring binders are made to last with high quality materials so they will help protect your papers and keep them safe.

Made for A4 size inserts, these ring binders come in a range of sizes starting at 15 mm thick and going up to lever arch files 65 mm thick.

Present and display

When it comes to making the right impression, customised ring binder can tick all the boxes. For small businesses, personalising ring binders with your logo, colours or other branding designs can help you punch above your weight, as you’ll look more professional, organised and sophisticated.

If you represent a larger company, you can strengthen your image and reputation by using customised ring binders for instructions and manuals as well as for sales.

It’s easy to achieve a stunning effect by printing your own words and designs right across the front, back and spine of ring binders. You can use your own artwork or the Avery WePrint free online tool with professionally designed, up-to-date templates. And our high quality printing processes will enhance your design.

Win more customers and clients

Whether you choose to give away the whole ring binder, or go through the contents with your clients and potential clients, a professional looking cover will always help win them over.

There are so many different types of pockets and inserts available, that you can use ring binders for a multitude of sales presentations and displays:

  • A portfolio of your work if you provide a creative service such as photography, design or print
  • Images of your product range
  • Finished projects, or before-and-after photos, for building, contracting and gardening work
  • Fabric, wallpaper and paint samples for interior designs
  • Ideas and samples for wedding planning, fashion and craft businesses
  • Diagrams, photos and key messages for sales pitches
  • Customer testimonials

Ring binders made to last

Whatever you’re using ring binders for, it’s worth investing in quality if you want them to be long lasting. It’s important that your ring binders continue to look smart over the years, especially if the files you’re creating are likely to be handled by many people. If your ring binders will be travelling around or being used outdoors they need to withstand bumps and scrapes.

We make sure our custom ring binders are tough and that covers are scuff proof by using top-grade materials. The gloss covers are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic, for a particularly sleek look.

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22 August 2017