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Corporate Greeting Cards Tips

Whether they are being used for birthdays, Christmas or even as invitations, Greeting Cards are popular all year round. It can be difficult to create an attractive design suitable for your greeting cards, so we’ve listed out top tips for creating a great Greetings Card.

#1 Less is More

If you think there’s too much on your card, there is too much on your card. Before you start designing, decide on your message or purpose for the card. You can plan what is important and what you want your audience to see first. For example, if you’re using a greeting card as a “save-the-date” card for your wedding, the card needs to include the date of the wedding, the location and any other important information.

#2 Images

A card design needs to include an image that’s eye-catching enough to capture someone’s attention yet reflects the tone and emotion of the card’s message. Images can make your card look more personalised and exciting.

#3 Remember your brand

Greeting cards are personal, but are often face-to-face time with potential clients. Be sure to include your brand identity into the card design. You could include your company logo, name or thought provoking strapline on the back of the card, or even a call-to-action such as your website. Most people will flip over the card to check out the details, so it’s a great opportunity to get known!

Use these tips to create your own personalised greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas or even as wedding invitations.

5 February 2015