DIY Christmas Gifts - Custom Tote Bag or Cushion

Create a personalised gift using Textile Transfer Paper

This year it’s said, that as a nation we have become more conscious to appreciate the loved ones we have in our lives, that being family, extended family and/or friends.

With this in mind, there seems to be demand and desire for a more personalised approach, when it comes to present giving at this festive time of the year. Here at Avery we have a great opportunity for you to ‘create your own’ personalised bags, pillows, t-shirts and more using our Textile Transfer Paper.

To help assist you, we have created a ‘step by step’ guide for the best way we believe to get it done, and to get it done right.

christmas 2020_diy gifts_tote bag_textile transfers
christmas 2020_diy gifts_tote bag_transfers_oh deer design

Step 1 – Upload your design, photo or ‘create your own’ custom design using our FREE Design and Print online software.


Step 2 – Once you are happy with how your design looks, it’s always worth doing a print test on normal paper beforehand to see.


Step 3 – Once you’re happy with the test print, load a sheet of the transfer paper into the printer and print your design.


​​​​​​​Step 4 - Cut around the design where necessary, this applies mostly to the dark transfers or if the area you’re ironing onto is smaller than A4 size.

 christmas 2020_diy gifts_cushions_transfers_home sweet home design

Step 5 – Iron a pillow case or cotton cloth on a hard surface – this will support the item you are personalising.


Step 6 –

Light transfers - Place the transfer in the area you wish, printed side facing down.

Dark transfers - Peel your design from the backing sheet and cover with the protective paper before ironing.   


Step 7 Using both hands on the iron apply firm downward body pressure as you iron the transfer. Make slow 20 second passes left to right then repeat the process going up and down. Make sure you iron the corners and the edges of the transfer.


Step 8 – if using a light transfer - once cooled for approximately 2 minutes, you will need to peel the backing from the transfer slowly.  


And there you have it! Get personalising today and bring smiles all around this Christmas.

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