DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Here are some fun ways to create your own Christmas Cards!

Looking to up your Christmas card game this year? Then why not make your own? Handmade cards are a lovely way of showing your loved ones just how much you care. They don’t have to be perfect looking, the amount of effort you put into making them will speak volumes to the recipient. You can also add a personalised label  or sticker with your card.

All of the card ideas used here can be created using our blank Greeting Cards which come with envelopes, making them perfect for making handmade cards.

Here is our favourite DIY Christmas card ideas:

christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy gifts_wasbai tape cards
christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy gifts_finger paint cards

1. Fingerprint Cards

This idea is great if you want to get the kids involved! You can create beautifully simple designs that really stand out on the cards. And, because you’re using your fingers (or toes!) they are completely unique to you and your family

A few designs to try are:

  • Festive lights – use different coloured finger prints along the card and then join them together to look like a string of Christmas lights!
  • Reindeer family - why not all do a thumb print in brown paint and then add your own details in pen, creating a different twist on the family Christmas card.
  • Baby Reindeer – if you have a new addition to the family this year then this is a cute card to do, simply do a footprint and then add a red nose, googly eyes and some antlers to create a very cute reindeer card.
  • Penguin card – this is easy to do, use your thumb for the black outline and then add the white breast with your ring finger.  Why not draw on some fun activities for the penguins to be doing on your cards, such as ice skating or building snowmen!
christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy gifts_label cards

2. Label cards

These cards are simple to create, and using self-adhesive labels makes it much easier! You can easily layer up your design and even add your own personal messages. Why not use our FREE Design and Print Label Creator to product all your labels and even add some personalisation?

Use different shaped labels to help create your designs. You can also stick on our accessories to really make your designs stand out.

Some designs to create:

  • Hanging baubles
  • Christmas hymn sheet
  • Christmas puddings
  • Christmas presents
christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy gifts_potato print cards

3. Potato prints

This can be another fun one to do with the kids, just make sure an adult cuts the shapes out first. It’s easy to create fun Christmas shapes that can be pressed onto white card. The great thing about potato printing is that you can create a few cards very quickly! Use the potato shape to add the main block of colour and either draw or stick one some accessories!

Here’s some easy shapes you can create:

  • Christmas Tree
  • Baubles
  • Presents
  • Stars
  • Holly leaves
christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy cards_colouring in cards

4. Colouring in cards

Who doesn’t love colouring in? A fun Christmas card to send is one where the recipient can colour it in themselves! Or maybe let the kids colour in ones for the family. Either way, each card will be unique, even if you use the same design.

The easiest way to create this is buy using Design and Print online. Simply upload a black and white outline of a Christmas design and then print them onto your cards. You can then let them be coloured in!

christmas 2020_christmas cards_diy gifts_wasbai tape cards

5. Wasabi tape cards

Using this self-adhesive tape is great way to create fun designs for your cards. There are so many different colours and patterns to choose from that the possibilities are endless!

We love creating fun Christmas trees and brightly coloured presents on our cards but you could also create hanging baubles and Christmas stockings.

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