Single Kiss Cut Stickers
Design High Quality Single Kiss Cut Stickers

What are single kiss cut stickers

They're stickers that have their own individual backing, making it easy to give them out in packaging or sell them individually. We take a sheet of blank labels, print your design and then cut around the sticker leaving a border of backing paper. The term kiss-cut means that our laser cutter only cuts through the face stock of the label and not the backing; leaving you with a sticker and surrounding backing. The benefit of a single kiss cut sticker is that it's much easier to peel.

When designing a single-cut sticker make sure you're using a high-quality image and upload it as a PNG if you want to have a transparent background with our clear material. If you're using these for your logo go big so it can take up as much space as possible. And for our artists creating stickers for sale, go wild and upload your prettiest designs just make sure the colours suit CMYK as that's what they'll be printed in. 

What can you use them for

You can use single kiss cut stickers for many things from branding to party favours. The great thing with kiss-cut singles is they can be given out as freebies or even sold as individual stickers. As they come with backing surrounding them they're super easy to peel. A very popular use for them is to be included in the packaging for small businesses as a gift, for this make sure you're using brand colours and fonts with your logo. We've also seen many bands create fun merch to hand out and sell at events. Having them individually cut by Avery saves a lot of time and effort plus it ensures a perfect finish.

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Commonly asked questons

What's the difference between kiss cut and die-cut stickers?

A die-cut sticker is created when a laser machine fully cuts through the face stock and the back stock of the label, leaving it as just the shape chosen. However, with a kiss cut the laser cutter only cuts through the face stock leaving the backing intact so you peel your sticker much quicker!  


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