Organise your garage

Whilst it may seem a good idea put something up in the attic for safekeeping, the chances are you’ll forget it’s there.

Whether it’s old baby clothes and toys, sporting equipment, photos or other unused items, consider whether you really need to keep hold of them. We all get a little nostalgic about old items we no longer need but have you ever thought that somebody else might be able to give them a good home?

If you’re braving an attic or garage de-clutter, prepare some labelled boxes marked up so you can clearly see what you want to throw away, give to charity or perhaps try and sell on sites like eBay, Shpock or Gumtree.

Make life a little easier for the next time you visit the attic and create some custom stickers to label up the things you do keep, so you’ll quickly be able to find what you need.

Organise your Garage