Home Labels

Make organising your home quick and simple with our custom home labels and stickers, perfect for categorising and decorating every aspect of your home! Whether it’s labelling your dream kitchen or naming your plants, our labels for household organisation make your house look polished and stylish!

Our home organisation printer labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which you can further personalise by choosing the material and finish. Our home labels also include various ranges for specific uses such as for the kitchen, study/home office, garden and more!

If you prefer to print at home, you can use our Design and Print software to create your own design! Or, we can deliver to you with FREE DELIVERY on orders over £40.

label up your kitchen with Avery
Avery Storage Box Labels
  • Prices start from £4 
  • Minimum order of 1 sheet
  • Variety of materials, such as waterproof and freezer-safe paper
  • Shapes including squares, circles and rectangles
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Organised kitchen_at home with Avery
  • Various ranges for uses such as outdoor and chalkboard
  • Choose from 15 different shapes
  • Minimum sizes of 10mm to a maximum of 200mm
  • Minimum order of 2 sheets
  • Choose from a range of materials from eco-friendly to clear
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Design your Home Labels & Stickers

With a huge range of different materials, shapes and sizes, we can help you organise every aspect of your house with our home organisation labels. You can choose between two options for your custom home labels:

  • Our blank labels come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with our most popular shape being the scallop! You can even create and print your home labels without leaving the house, using our Design and Print software!
  • Want personalised home labels? Simply upload your own design from your device and customise it with text, colours and other finishes using our free customisation tool.

Not sure which design to go with? Check out our range of templates for inspiration and take a look at our home organisation range for specific labels including kitchen organiser labels and other household organisation labels!


What can Home Labels be used for?

We can help you make your life easier with our custom home labels. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing everything labelled and in the right containers! But how can you organise your home with labels?

Try our clear labels when labelling your kitchen canisters, spices, and jars to give a polished and clean touch. Also, our recycled and eco-friendly range is perfect for styling environments such as the cupboard and the office. Or, for a more durable and water-resistant option, our waterproof labels are great for use in the bathroom or kitchen!

Choose from chalkboard labels that look great in the home office or pantry, outdoor/garden labels for more heavy-duty and weather-resistant uses, kitchen labels including freezer and dissolvable options, and more. These are great if you’re looking for personalised home brew labels or other stickers for homemade products.

Check out our products, tips, and tools page for more information on how to keep your house organised.


How do I make my own home organisation labels?

At Avery, we’ve made it fun and easy to make your home labels. You can either take a look at our Home Organisation range, buy blank labels so you can customise them at home, or use our FREE customisation tool to design your own labels. 

How do you make labels for jars?

We have our labels for jars which are handy, printable and great for personalising all types of jars. They are water and temperature resistant making them perfect for chilled foods. Or, you can take a look at our homemade labels which are perfect for giving jars that personal touch. 

What can I label in my home?

There are so many opportunities to make your home organised with labels, including fridge shelves and drawers, laundry hampers and spices! Take a look at our home organisation range for more inspiration.

How can I print my labels at home?

You can use our FREE and easy Design and Print software to design your personalised home labels. You can even pick the smaller details like the material, finish, and shape to match any container or surface in your home! You can either print at home, or enjoy FREE DELIVERY on orders over £40.