Personalised Kids Ring Binders
Ideal for collecting and school. Small A5 or large A4 format

Make your own personalised A5 folders and A5 ring binders

From keeping small and large businesses organised, you can also add custom stickers. For planning weddings and other special occasions, our A5 ring binder uses are endless. When it comes to educational establishments such as schools or universities and other large organisations, we know how important it is that your paperwork is filed correctly, whilst your brand stays consistent.

Our ring binders add a touch of personalisation and exclusivity to your brand whilst keeping you organised and your paperwork free of any unnecessary creasing or damage. They offer the opportunity to present your business in a premium fashion, and what’s more, is you can fully customise your design should you want to.

We are constantly working to meet your needs which is why our A5 customised ring binders come with a choice of a 15mm or 25mm capacity and 2 rings. Our high definition print quality highlights the colours in your design, whilst the protective matte or gloss coating offers a vibrant finish which also helps the ring binder’s life span.

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect ring binder for training courses, exhibitions, user manuals or employee handbooks, our online design tool is full of plenty of inspiration for you to take advantage of. Simply choose your binder size and ring type, upload your design, and let us bring your custom ring binder to life.

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