Avery's Guide to a Well-Organised New Year

Read Time: 3 Mins. Author: L. Brickley

As we step into the New Year, creating a harmonious and organised living space is more important than ever. We are here to guide you through the process of decluttering, setting goals, and maintaining a well-organised home. Discover how our labels can be the catalyst for sorting out your space effectively.

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At Home with Avery - January blog - let's get motivated!

Back to Basics:

Start organising like a pro with these fundamental tips:

1. Write it Down: Make lists and categorise tasks for different areas of your life - kitchen, bedroom, work, holidays, and more.

2. Schedule and Put a Deadline: Transform your goals into actionable plans with set deadlines for better commitment and productivity.

3. The 3 D’s – Declutter, Delegate, and Discard: Simplify your life by decluttering, delegating tasks, and responsibly discarding items. Share your organisation ideas on social media with #averyuk

4. Setting and Tracking Goals: Some of our customers like creating “to do” calendar, why not use our Round Stickers (which you can personalise) and Ultra Tabs to help categorise and track your goals effectively.

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Maximize the momentum of the New Year with these quick and easy tips:

1. Organise Your Desk Space: Create a tidy and efficient workspace with desk accessories, utilising Avery's Desk Top Range for optimal organisation.

2. Reorganise Your Filing System: Save time with a clear filing system using Avery's labels, featuring a variation of labels including CoverUp material.

3. Organise Your Stationery: Label pens, staplers, rulers, and more with Avery Stationery Labels to prevent stationery from going missing (this is a good tip for those who suffer with memory loss or families)

4. Utilise Your Calendar: Prioritise important dates by using desktop calendars and Ultra Tabs for easy tracking.

Avery Freezer label

How to Declutter Your Home:

Achieve lasting decluttering success with these essential steps:

1. Declutter Common Areas with Personal Baskets: Involve the whole family in maintaining an organised space by using personal baskets for daily clutter. You can label each basket (if you have kids maybe let me design the label?)

2. Stop Reorganising Unused Items: Set up two boxes, one for donation and another for rubbish. Try to declutter regularly instead of tackling overwhelming projects once a year.

3.  Food and prepping habits: More and more people are prepping with ‘batch cooks and bakes’ – keep on track with your lunches and meal prep with our dissolvable labels and freezer labels.

Its time to transform your living space and embrace the New Year with Avery. From setting goals and utilising labels to decluttering strategies, we hope you can use these helpful tips to make organising easier.

Here's to a well-organised and successful New Year!