Laura's Home Organisation Hacks

Laura shares with us how she uses Avery product to be organised at home

It has never been a better time for home organisation enthusiasts.

From TV shows on Netflix to social media influencers, inspiration is everywhere. As someone who loves organising their home, I thought I would share some useful tips and tricks.

Whether you are all about the details or just want some quick ideas, hopefully there is something here to help!

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Think small to big

First, do you want to organise a room or sort your whole house?

My suggestion, if the whole house is your goal, then go room by room. Starting with the one you use the most. For me it was the kitchen. Have you ever looked at your kitchen and thought it’s gone from being the ‘heart of the home’ to ‘the dumping ground’? I had ideas but need guidance on best practises…


Gathering inspiration

Like so many I went to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. There is no end of great ideas and tips, from ‘how to guides’ to videos. I am a strong believer in simple, cost effective, organising.


From ideas to reality

For me I decided the best way to organise my kitchen (as it is relatively small) was to put items in cupboards into baskets (I also labelled the baskets so I could see what was in there, using Resistant Labels).

This very simple (low cost) idea had a big impact on my kitchens organisational flow. It tidied my space, and helped me keep order moving forward.

- As a helpful side tip, I have begun using freezer labels and custom stickers for my food prep and it has been a game changer. I know dates/ what it is and don’t have to waste/ throw away food if I can’t remember when I cooked it.

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The next steps

After the success of the kitchen I then began to progress into other rooms. Including my office, where I used dividers for filing and desktop accessories to tidy.

Again small changes that have really helped when I need to find a document quickly or pen to write down a note! Not to mention it makes the space look so much nicer and tidier.

Organising your home can a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. While we are in lockdown it can be 20mins of sitting on your own (away from screens/etc) where you make your space feel less cluttered.

The world might feel disorganised right now, but your home doesn’t need to be.

Avery Products Laura used to organise her home

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