Get organised for school

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The holidays are over, which means only one thing—it’s back to school time! But before your children sharpen their pencils and crack open their books, you’ll want to make sure everything is in order before the first bell rings, why not order some custom labels and stickers to help with the organisation.

Check out these quick and simple ideas to help your children get organised for the new term… or at any point in the school year!

Fun Avery stickers brighten up any packed lunch

Create an area to work and organise

Use Avery labels to organise School Work

Although your child may believe that their backpack is the perfect place to file away school letters and projects, it might be worthwhile to try and convince them to try a folder system instead.

Paperwork is the most common source of clutter in the home. By setting up a clear system for school notes, homework, projects and artwork you and your children will feel calmer and ready to tackle whatever comes home.

Use Avery Coloured labels to help your children organise their work throughout the school year by creating a simple filing system. Organise their schoolwork by class, subject, or project, so they can reference their paperwork as needed to prepare for big tests and write those reports.

Whether you have a room to convert into a study or a corner of the kitchen dedicated to school stuff, labelling storage boxes, drawers, shelves and magazine racks doesn’t have to mean compromising on interior style – with Avery Design & Print you can create labels in any colour or design to suit your home decor.

Make it look beautiful

Use Avery Design & Print to personalise Avery labels to customise files and folders. Here are a few of our favourite filing label designs to get your started:

Avery Filing Labels Blue Polka Dot Design
Avery Filing Labels with Green Stripe Template Design
Avery Filing Labels with Chevron Template Design
Avery Filing Labels with Multicoloured Polka Dot Template Design

Let’s face it – Kids lose stuff

Use Avery Labels to name your stationery items

The pupils in your kids’ class probably have similar folders, lunch boxes, and other supplies that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy school day.

Help your children in their quest to bring their belongings home each afternoon with Avery labels. Quickly label pens, pencils, lunch boxes and water bottles, uniforms, coats and PE kits with names and contact details.

Add a unique and colourful permanent Avery Self-laminated label to lunch boxes and water bottles. Not only are they waterproof, they're microwave and dishwasher-safe and will help ensure containers come home.  

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