New Year Organisation with At Home with Avery.

Life in the Home

The New Year is a perfect time for a fresh start.

Last year, we found ourselves spending a lot more time at home and possibly juggling life, home school, work or struggling to find activities to pass the time due to furlough or restrictions.

We understand that these can all feel quite overwhelming.
New Year resolutions may have gone out the window, but we believe this shouldn’t stop us setting goals and getting organised. So don't hesitate, order your custom labels and stickers now to help sort your things out!

At Home with Avery - January blog - let's get motivated!
Planner with Ultra Tabs in bright colours on the planner and a selection next to.

Back to Basics

This is a good place to start if you want to organise like a boss! Here are our top tips for getting back to basics! –

  •  Write it down

Make a list of what you need to do and categorize. This could be as simple as kitchen, bedroom, work, holiday, food, mini beasties… whoops we mean children.

  • Schedule and put a deadline

No time for time wasting! Move your actions from your goals into your schedule and give it a deadline. You’re most likely to stick to it if you have a written commitment.

  •  The 3 D’s – Declutter, Delegate and Discard

All of these can be a simple process, even delegation to your partner or little ones can help you to achieve your goals. Discard responsibly, working out what can be recycled or even upcycled. And finally declutter… do you really need to keep your ‘friendly neighbourhood’ paperwork from 2 years ago?

No matter what you’re trying to organise, whether it’s clothes, food and fitness, it needs a level of preparation. Please share your ideas on our social channels so we can share your tips by including #athomewithaveryuk in the post.

Planner with Avery ultra tabs on pink background

Setting and tracking your goals

Using our range of dot stickers is a great way to keep on track.

Our Ultra tabs are perfect for putting your goals into categories.

Healthy Food in Containers labelled with Avery Freezer Labels

Food and prepping habits

More and more people are prepping with ‘batch cooks and bakes’ – keep on track with your lunches and meal prep with our dissolvable labels and freezer labels.

at home with avery_filing labels_coloured folders_organising at home

Labelling and Filing

It’s so simple but incredibly effective and can reduce time and effort when searching for files.

Use our multipurpose labels or choose from our range of filing labels or dividers.

Avery Products to help get you organised

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Avery Freezer Labels
63.5 mm x 33 mm
Ultra Tabs 74758
51 x 38 mm
Eco Friendly
Multipurpose Labels, 3652-10 3652-10
70 x 42.3 mm
Laser, Copier, Inkjet
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