Antimicrobial-Coated Film Labels

Stop the spread of bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

Introducing, Avery Antimicrobial-Coated Protective Film Labels. This transparent, self-adhesive antimicrobial-coated film kills 99.9% of bacteria and microbes, and is highly effective against viruses*.

This protective film can be applied to many high touch surfaces and provides 24/7 protection. This antimicrobial-coated film is water and oil proof, meaning it can be used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

*Viruses (ISO 21702) Influenza A, and Human Coronavirus NL63

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Antimicrobial-Coated Film. How it works

How does it work?

Our unique antimicrobial coating is independently certified to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria/moulds and is highly effective against the spread of viruses. Guaranteed for up to 5 years when maintained correctly.


  • The active component in the product coating (which makes it antimicrobial) works by eradicating the conditions that bacteria and microbes need to survive and spread. It kills the bacteria by destabilising the cell membrane, stops respiration and inhibits cell division and blocks the replication of DNA.


  • The antimicrobial coating is safe to touch, meaning that it can be used with children and animals. It can be applied to many different high touch surfaces including; door handles, push buttons, touchscreens, doorbells, intercoms, printer/copier screens, book covers, document/folders and any other highly touched surface.


  • This protective adhesive film is water and oil proof as well as being temperature resistant from -40C° up to 60°C, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Avery Antimicrobial-coated Film Labels act as a complementary measure to routine cleaning by continuously killing microbial contaminants and resisting microbe growth. Cleaning chemicals won’t damage it, meaning it'll work with your cleaning schedule and help protect in-between cleaning surfaces.


For more information, please see our Antimicrobial-Coated Film Frequently Asked Questions

J. McDonald
Relatively easy to use and fairly cost effective; they keep one's devices clean and offer some reasonable protection – I'm quite happy to use them.
Lauren Bell
There are plenty of labels in this pack so my Partner was also able to protect his phone too. It is just another step that gives us peace of mind about keeping our gadgets clean and hygienic.
Easy to fit, good adhesion and you can still use cleaning products over them without harming the protection. Happy to Highly Recommend
Mike F.
The 5 year minimum guarantee is really reassuring!
These are perfect for sticking on handles, letterboxes, buttons, doors, intercoms, phones, bells etc. I highly recommend this product.

Antimicrobial-Coated Film Protection Printed Labels

Personalised labels with antimicrobial-coated protection

You can customise your labels to have antimicrobial protection by selecting our Antimicrobial-coated Finish.

It works by killing 99.9% of microbes on the surface, helping prevent the spread of germs. Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, upload a design, we’ll print and deliver to your door.

The ability to have high-quality professional printing makes these great for signage in high touch areas such as doors and surfaces. Pair our plastic or clear material with an antimicrobial-coated finish for long-lasting protection; they’re much stronger than paper materials and can survive regular interaction.

They are also great applications for food, cosmetics and packaging; small businesses find a good use for antimicrobial-coated labels on their containers.

Our finish is also long lasting and chemical resistant, so no need to regularly replace labels, you can wipe down or spray cleaning chemicals onto it without losing any protection. This is especially useful if you're using personalised labels to give you peace of mind on surfaces that are regularly touched.

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