Franking top tips

Save time and money by franking your mail correctly the first time every time.

Franking machines represent unbeatable value for business postage requirements, but you need to know how to get the most out of your franked mail. Here are a few tips to help you save.
Common things to avoid are large letters being franked as letters or mail going to international destinations franked as if they were being sent within the UK.

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Franking Mail Pouch

Check the rates before posting. Many businesses pay more than they need to by attaching the wrong franking rate to their post. A common error is to set a franking rate for small parcels when a large letter rate would be cheaper. 

Fold your letters wherever possible. Under Royal Mail’s Pricing in Proportion (PIP) scheme, businesses can save money with their franked mail postage costs simply by folding the letter and putting it into a smaller envelope.

Find the nearest and most convenient way, to post your franked mail. While you can use Paid ©Royal Mail collection to send your mail, you may be charged for this service, depending on how much you spend per year. You can also take your franked mail to your local post office or sorting office, or look for a business park or other location with a dedicated franked mail box.

Use Royal Mail’s franked mail pouches, if you have a lot of mail for collection. These are approximately A4 size and most suitable for standard and large letters, holding up to 200 letters or 45 large letters. If mail pouches are not sufficient, there are also mail bags that can hold up to 11kg of parcels.

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Sort your mail out before franking. Separate your letters and packets by service – First or second-class – and your letters by size – standard or large.

Get the address right before posting. Ensure your business databases are up to date and accurate to reduce the number of returned items your business receives.

Make sure you send out your post the same day. As the franking has dates, it is imperative that you send out your mail on the day. However some franking machines have an advanced date feature where you can frank tomorrow’s date ready for posting the mail tomorrow.

Recorded mail, including “Special Delivery’ or “Signed For’, must be signed off by the post office before you can post it. For businesses using a collection service, the postman who comes to collect your business mail can fulfil this task.
Franked mail offers great value for business owners so make the most of the different franking services available.