Introducing UltraGrip™

What is UltraGrip™?

The aim of UltraGrip™ is to give you absolute confidence that you are putting only the highest quality product through your printers.

UltraGrip™ has an instantly recognisable blue strip that only appears on this new range of Avery mailing, parcel, custom multipurpose labels and stickers.


Look for the Microdots

By recognising the new blue 3D strip on the top and bottom of the label sheet, consumers will instantly know they are using an Avery product. This gives you reassurance that you are using the latest Avery technology which will improve your printer performance and print alignment.

Each sheet of UltraGrip™ includes detailed printing instructions to make sure your print is right first time to cut down on waste, save money and reduce office frustration.


See and Feel the Results

You will be able to see, feel and believe the difference in quality when compared with other label brands. Discover a more reliable feed through your laser printer and have confidence you are using an Avery product.

Remember, only genuine Avery laser printer labels will include this memorable blue pattern which allows printers to perfectly grip the label sheet.



With over 80+ years of label experience, we wanted to find a way to differentiate our core products from our competitors.

As label experts we started thinking about how we could improve our existing products and what the main frustrations could potentially be when printing labels. And of course, it’s the labels jamming in the printer!

Ultragrip_about_hero image

What have we done to improve?

We have added a blue bar with microdots on the top and bottom of the sheet which helps the printer grip onto the label sheet. Not only have we improved the way the sheets are fed into the printer, but the adhesive is now stronger and the labels are whiter.

The aim of ‘UltraGrip™’ is to give you the absolute confidence that you are putting only the highest quality product through your printers. So whenever you see a sheet of labels with UltraGrip™ technology, you can count on the fact they are Avery quality, guaranteed.

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